25 years of wholesale client experience

Universal Farms has been an industry leader in providing quality fresh and frozen meat products to the foodservice and retail industries throughout the NY, NJ, and CT markets.  Universal Farms has over 25 years of immaculate, standing with their USDA and FDA certification standards for establishing full transparency and traceability in providing quality sourced meats. Professionalism and responsive customer service have been the critical instruments to their industry success and their stellar reputation with family farms across the country.

“Sourcing from partners who share high standards for quality”


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Offering halal meats

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Universal Farms understands that successful partnerships start with full transparency and trust. They have been wholesale providers of Beef, Poultry, Pork, Fish, Lamb, and Wild Game to renowned hotels, country clubs, fine supermarkets, and restaurants across the tri-state area.  

We take the time to consult with chefs, restaurateurs, and foodservice operators to understand your operational goals in order to source the right products that will produce a valuable impact on your menu. These supply chains are built with transparency and traceability in mind so you can serve products you trust, tell a unique story about where it comes from, differentiate your offerings and, ultimately, create memorable experiences for your guests season after season.